Quizmo now available for Android

As a follow-up to the huge succes of our trivia game Quizmo, first developed for iOS exclusively, we have now released an Android version of the game as well.

This is great news for all the Android users our there, who wants to participate in this exiting brain puzzle game.

Go get it today, it’s FREE !


Quizmo is now live!

We are very happy to announce the AppStore availability of our new trivia game : Quizmo.

Quizmo is a multiplayer trivia quiz, currently available in danish.

You can challenge your friends in this exiting trivia game, either via your local adressbook or via Facebook.

Read more about it here : www.quizmoapp.com


Sneak peak of our Heroes & Generals iOS app

We have been working on both the iOS and the Android apps, for the upcoming danish game, Heroes & Generals.

Below is the newest Beta Video-log from the developers of the game (Reto-Moto) and approx. 1.55 minutes into the video, you can see a preview of our iOS app, running on the iPad 2. Please note that this is a early version of the app and changes can/will be added, before the app hits the AppStore.

Booth apps are developed using MonoTouch and Mono for Android from the Boston located company, Xamarin.

Based in central Copenhagen, Reto-Moto is an entertainment software and technology company specialising in the creation of innovative online entertainment software.


Worldapps being a huge success

During september and october, we put a lot of work into organizing and translating our Danish app “Danske Apps” into 21 different language versions. They have been a huge success and we again had several “number one spots” in countries like Russia, Finland, Holland and other.

You can find a link to all WorldApps apps here.


Great new deal with Danish game company

During the summer, we managed to land a new deal, with one of Denmarks most promising game companies, Reto-Moto ApS.

Reto-Moto is currently working on their new title “Heroes and Generals”, a WorldWar2 multiplayer First Person Shooter game with an online persistent game-world combining first-person action with strategic control.

Netcoders will develop the handheld part of the game, where your smartphone will keep you in touch with the situation on the battlefield. Issue new orders, move troops, order airstrikes or artillery barrages while you are on the move.

Based in central Copenhagen, Reto-Moto is an entertainment software and technology company specialising in the creation of innovative online entertainment software.

Founded in 1997, Reto-Moto immediately created IO Interactive in a joint-venture operation with Nordisk Film. IO Interactive went on to create and release the multi-million selling “Hitman” and “Freedom Fighters” franchises. The former of which was licensed by 20th Century Fox for a motion picture released in November 2007.

In March 2004, IO Interactive was sold to UK Publisher Eidos Interactive in a £20 million acquisition deal to secure the ownership of the Hitman intellectual property and the development capacity offered by the studio.

The founding members of Reto-Moto have left their positions within IO Interactive and have reformed Reto-Moto. To strengthen the core group, former Executive Producer from Eidos, Neil Donnell joined the Reto-Moto team.


New app available : Trendsales

We have had the pleasure to develop an app for one of Denmarks leading fashion/designer sites, Trendsales and released their new iOS app a few weeks ago.

Trendsales is Denmark’s largest fashion bazaar with the purchase, sale and exchange of fashion clothes and designer goods to you who love fashion and shopping.

The app is a universal binary and runs on both iPod/iPhone and iPad.


Danske Apps is the BEST selling app in Denmark !!

Our new app, released one week ago, has finally reached the TOP spot in the danish App Store as the most selling app. It has been at the 2. best spot for days now (iPhone) and today it finally hit the top of the charts. The same happened for the iPad version, as this is ALSO at the TOP of the charts.

We would like to thanks all of you guys supporting our work and downloading the app. Currently we are working hard on the v1.1.0 release, which will contain a major filtering system, making the app even more usefull.

Read more about the app here or go to iTunes to get it.


Danske Apps now available in the AppStore

Our new app, which help you find danish apps in the Apple AppStore, is finally available (in danish only!).

Read more about the app here or go to iTunes to get it.


Taking Turns now available in the AppStore

Our new app, Taking Turns, is now available in the Apple AppStore.

Read more about the app here or download it from iTunes.


CARE@home iPad application article.

Once again, our “soon to be released” iPad application, CARE@home, was featured in an article about danish healthcare.

Read the article here : http://www.e-pages.dk/atea/271/14